An Eggstraordinary Easter

I have a large collection of craft items so Easter hats were ideal to make. The hats we used were bought last year in the Asda Easter sale. Ruby was too young last year so this was our first year doing activities and Harrison has only previously done an Easter egg hunt.

We started our morning by making the children’s hats; they had Easter chick’s bunnies, pom poms, feathers and other craft items to choose from and we planned to have the hats finished ready to wear whilst on the egg hunt.

Whilst making the hats, the kids tucked in to the Easter biscuits I had made, both seem to enjoy licking the icing off first and saving the biscuit till last!

These biscuits were so simple to make and decorate with the kids; we opted for lots of bright hundreds and thousands to decorate with. I love using the BBC good food recipes, here’s a link to make the iced biscuits yourself.

As this was our first year with Easter activities I don’t have many decorations, so I handmade some bunny bunting. I used 4 different coloured pieces of card, a mixture of pom poms to use as bunny tails and some twine. I started by drawing a bunny to use as template and used a craft knife and self healing cutting matt, but you can always use scissors. Once Ii had my first bunny cut out, I used that as stencil to draw out the rest of my bunnies using 8 in total. I used a hot glue gun to secure the pom pom bunny tails, and finally added to the twine by securing with cellotape. In –between each bunny I added a tulle tassel.

Another simple Easter treat was our Easter chick nests. These were made from cornflakes, chocolate, butter and golden syrup. We love making these as they’re super easy for the kids to make. I bought miniature mini eggs, these are a lot smaller than normal mini eggs as my children are 4 and 2 I don’t let them have the large ones as they’re the same size as grapes and harder to cut in half (mum worries strike again!). I use silicone cake cases as these can be washed and reused again, so nice and eco friendly.

We simply melt the butter and chocolate together adding in your golden syrup, once all melted together we pour over the cornflakes. Mixing all the cornflakes till they’re covered, we then add a scoop to each case and add the mini eggs. These are then placed in the fridge to cool and set. Here’s the recipe guide for the ingredient measurements, again using the Good Food recipe for Easter cornflake Cakes.

Being a florist I have a lot if artificial flowers, so I thought a small floral wreath to hang on the door would be perfect to brighten up the place. I chose clashing colours on a neutral wreath keeping it nice and bright for Easter. I planned my layout before attaching everything; I also took a photo in case I forgot what I’d planned (after all I’m a frazzled mum!). I used my trusty hot glue gun to secure the flowers and attached a wire ready to hang on the door. I also made a detachable felted bunny, that I needle felted the night before. Needle felting kits are available online and are great for adding a different texture to your design.

We did our Easter Egg hunt in the front garden, back garden and a few in the living room. Some of these eggs were from a kit with fillable eggs and some were just foiled wrapped. The fillable ones are great if you don’t want your kids having too many sweets as you can fill them with different items. We do limit chocolate so we will probably have Easter chocolate till Halloween, as I’m sure the kids still have some Christmas chocolate!

I’m so glad I’d bought some Easter bits in the sale last year especially as we were limited to what we could get this year during lockdown, it’s been a strange few weeks but hopefully the children won’t remember what they didn’t do and all the different things they did do!

Keep safe and Happy Easter x

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