Homemade Christmas

This year I chose to have a handmade tree and have decorations that were crafted from fabric, wool and paper (this meant the children couldn't smash them!) Myself, mum and the children spent a few evenings sticking, stitching, making wool pom poms and glittering everything till it sparkled.

The colour scheme was bright and colourful, so the florist in me decorated the mantelpiece with fresh pine, dried eucalyptus, hand glittered pine cones, bright candles and a pom pom garland made from wool tassles.

For part of our weekend we spent the morning visiting Father Christmas at RHS Hyde Hall, this is our 4th visit there as the ticket includes arts and crafts as well as a story and meeting the big man himself. The children enjoyed colouring, making reindeer food and making christmas decorations before meeting Father Christmas.

Once our visit to Father Christmas was over, we drove to Hurley's Farm where they have a large selection of trees to walk around until you find your perfect tree for your home! Acting like the chuckle brothers with a bit of 'to me, to you' we struggled to fit the tree in the car! After pushing and shoving we realised we could put a seat down in the back and the tree fitted perfectly in the car and so off home we went to decorate with all our homemade crafts!

Our Christmas weekend wouldn't be complete without making homemade gingerbread, we followed a recipe from BBC Good Food and once baked, we decorated the tree scoffing our homemade biscuits.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas filled with lots of fun and memories with your families.

Holly x

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