Ruby's Cake Smash

In between working I try and photograph my own family, it's so important to capture life even the everyday things. This may be natural images of the children sleeping, painting, playing in the garden, running around like lunatics or just playing nicely together and on the rare occasion I'll try to photograph them in the studio.

So for Ruby's 1st Birthday we opted for a cake smash to celebrate and capture her at this age. One is such a lovely age, and their personalities are developing so quickly and consantly changing. Ruby had started walking at 11 months, had 4 teeth and beautiful locks of hair with tiny curls at the back. All these little details about Ruby at this age have been captured and can be treasured for years to come.

This session actually took place last March 2019 however I realised last week I needed to finish editing the bath tub ones! I chose a pink ,cream and rose gold colour scheme and created a balloon garland to hang, along with a beautiful velvet outfit for her to wear. We kept it simple with a small cake with painted flamingos.

Before the cake smash, and like with all my sessions I like to take portrait images before anyone gets covered in cake. As I wanted to be in these photos I set up my tripod to take a few photos of the 4 of us together, and then a few of Harrison and Ruby together.

Like most 1 year olds Ruby hadn't yet tried cake, but she soon got in to the swing of it and tried the buttercream and was eventually digging the spoon in for the sponge! It was clear after 15 minutes Ruby takes after me with her love of cake! Once the cake had been truely smashed it was time for a bubble bath! I use a lovely vintage bathtub bought from Battles Bridge Antiques one of my favourite places to visit. With lots of bubbles and splashing, I had some wonderful images of her 1st Birthday celebration.

I only have a a few months now until she turns 2, so I need to start planning how to celebrate again. Harrison will also be turning 4 so if anyone has any ideas or themes please let me know your suggestions.



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