The big studio build

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It was coming up to Harrisons 1st birthday and he had been walking from 10 months so it was vital to have a safe secure garden for him. Our garden hadn’t been touched since we had bought our house, so when we talked about building a studio we decided to renovate the whole garden for a full transformation.

The original garden consisted of an old grey patio (which actually happened to be cream!) this ran along the back of the house, half a collapsed wall and two falling down sheds.

So we drew up a design to combine the studio with a shed and a wide path to double up as a patio seating area. Preparing the area meant clearing the two sheds, removing the old wall and patio and preparing the ground for a new base for the studio.

The building itself was designed by my husband and my dad, so once I had told them how I needed the space to work for me I let them do all the hard work.

Building supplies started to arrive and the garden was soon a building site. We hired machinery to turn over the garden, and also flatten it again ready to turf and lay the patio. Lucky for me we managed to move the hydrangea bushes from the middle of the garden to the border, these bloom a beautiful pink in the summer and change through to a dark red later in the year.

Extra man power was brought in with my father in law and Harrison’s god father and soon enough the garden was transformed. The new patio was laid, along with a matching path in the front garden. We were having a family event in the May so we had round 2 weeks to complete everything!

With the structure finally finished it was time for the internal decoration. I opted for white walls with one light grey wall and light grey wood flooring. The studio is fitted with under floor heating, double glazing and a bespoke bench for seating that doubles up as my storage. My mum handmade the cushions for my seating area in a mixed grey fabric.

My studio is mainly used for newborns and cake smashes, which I have a variety of props to use and every colour wrap you can think of. I have a little addiction to buying Love Rosalie headbands as they’re the most beautiful handmade ones to buy! I’ve invested a lot into my hand dyed wools and stuffers which mainly come from Cwtchicoo and have recently purchased a wonderful faux floor and backdrop from Graceland designs.

Along with the investment in props, I have invested in a lot of newborn training. The training covers a wide range of posing and how to safely handle and pose a newborn. Being a mum myself it’s so important to me that new mums feel 100% confident in my ability as a newborn photographer.

I love that I can adapt my studio to accommodate larger families, offer seasonal sessions such as Christmas themed shoots and have different set ups ready for newborn and siblings in a safe environment for your family.

I have some lovely framed images on display consisting of newborns, cake smash and weddings that I have photographed over the year.

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