Do I need a 2nd photographer at my wedding?

October 24, 2023

Why have a 2nd photographer?

So, what does a 2nd photographer do on your wedding day? When I have a 2nd photographer booked for a wedding, their main role is to be with your partner for the morning preparations. Just like me spending the morning capturing hair, make up, outfits and all the little details, the 2nd photographer will be doing the same.

For the 2nd photographer their morning will often include capturing the speeches being practised, photographing the rings and making sure they are safely with the best man! Having a 2nd photographer present often helps with the morning running smoothly as were always keeping track of the time and ensuring everyone is where they need to be, and nothing is forgotten.

As the day unfolds, myself being the main photographer would be waiting at the top of the aisle where the ceremony is held. The 2nd photographer will be located at the back of the ceremony. This is the ideal place to capture the first look on your partners face as they look down the aisle to see you walking towards them. I would capture yourself and whoever is walking you down the aisle and capture the close-up shots of the exchanging of rings and vows.  

You can capture some beautiful moments from the back of the ceremony, as it’s the same viewpoint that your guests have as you say I do. Its also catches the dress in all its glorying flowing behind you as your walking towards your partner.

Once the ceremony is over it’s time for the drinks reception with guests mingling and catching up with family and friends that might not have seen each other for years. This is the perfect opportunity to capture your guests without posing and enjoying the day.

Whilst the 2nd photographer is capturing your guests, it gives us sometime for you to have some couple’s portrait photos and have a few minutes by yourself (and me 😊) for a little bit of quiet away from your guests and time to reflect on you getting married.

The family staged portraits take place during the reception, it’s a lot quicker to have a 2nd shooter calling out and arranging for the next group shot to be ready and waiting for their turn. As the process is speed up, it allows you and your guests to return to their drinks and canapes quickly.

If you’ve booked a full day package this includes speeches, the evening reception and golden hour if there is a sunset along with night photography. The speeches are a key part of the evening with some of your closest family and friends talking about special moments of your lives before you met, and of your time together as a couple. Having two photographers means we can capture your reactions to the memories being talked about and capturing the looks on your guests faces whether they are laughing, crying or shocked at the stories that are told.

For night photography its important for me to get these done as quickly as possible to ensure you don’t miss too much of your evening. My 2nd shooter helps me to arrange the dress and the position of the lights quickly and efficiently. The night shots using the umbrella also make a wonderful photo if it’s raining!